Monday, October 31, 2011

Ontario Marriages

A compilation of marriages from Ontario, with the following information:

2666-89 Timothy CURREN, 32, farmer, Canada, Melancthon, s/o Jeremiah & Bridget, married Annie McCUE, 21, Canada, Melancthon, d/o James & Sabina, witn: Francis DAVIS of Gartand Forks & Barbara McCUE of Melancthon, 4 March 1889 at Melancthon twp

This is confusing, as it lists Tim's dad as "Jeremiah." Tim had a brother named Jeremiah, but so far as I know, his dad's name was "Darby." Is it possible that "Darby" was a nickname?

Upper Canada Marriage Indexes
Jacob Irons and Mary McCue, 1842
Jane McCue and Allan Salt, 1846
William McCue and Eliza Bedford, 1847

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Naturalization Papers

Found at Ancestry, a naturalization roster for Clearfield County, PA.

Nicholas Heisler, application filed 1 Dec. 1840; arrival 5 June 1831, Baltimore, MD; naturalized, 5 Sept. 1848.

This corresponds with what I know about Nicolaus Heisler.


Ancestry is sponoring 15 days of free database searching. Tuesday's data base was WW1 Personnel Rosters from Bavaria, Germany.

There were 141 entries on men with the last name of "Hafender." Pretty close to Hefenieder, in my opinion. Clearly, more work is needed on this topic. Names included Georg, Heinrich, Johann, Josep, Franz, Xaver (Xavier?)

Monday, October 3, 2011

The Elusive Joseph Heisler

Conflicting census information!

1860 Census, Liberty Township, Dubuque, IA
Heisler, Nicolaus; age 54; born 1806, Bavaria
Heisler, Sophia; age 54; born 1806, France
Heisler, Joseph; age 23; born 1837, Pennsylvania
Heisler, Magdalena; age 18; born 1842, Pennsylvania
Heisler, Veronika; age 16; born 1844, Pennsylvania
Heisler, Margareth; age 15; born 1845, Pennsylvania
Heisler, Martin; age 13; born 1847, Pennsylvania
Heisler, Mary; age 11; born 1849, Pennsylvania

1870 Census, Minnesota
Heisler, Joseph; age 35; born 1835, Pennsylvania
Heisler, Nicolas; age 65; born in France
Heisler, Sophia; age 65; born in France
Heisler, Annie; age 20
heisler, Martin; age 23

Matrilineal Monday

In response to Randy Seaver’s SNGF (Saturday Night Genealogical Fun)
, my matrilineage:

1. Me

2. Mom

3. Gertrude Curran Heisler, b. 1892 in North Dakota, d. 1985(?) in Montana.

4. Hannorah McCue Curran

5. Stumped

I've got information in boxes I need to organize and use!

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Jailbirds in the Family Tree?

Probably everyone has some. I found some possible relatives on a list of compiled Ontario jail records. More research is needed to find if they're relatives:

Curran, Darby; age 35; Owen Sound Jail, 1859 [Owen Sound was the county seat of Grey County, described as "a lively port on Georgian Bay)
Curran, Felix; age 23; Brockville Jail, 1848 [Leeds County]
Curran, Mary; age 20; York-Peel Jail, 1855 [Toronto]

McCue, Michael; age 75 [hope this is a typo!]; Home District Jail, 1842 [in Toronto, included prisoners from Simcoe County]
McCue, Peter; age 24; Cobourg Jail, 1852

My recollection is that the dob for Darby is about right, i.e., 1824. If Felix is a relative of Darby's [perhaps a brother, dob ~ 1825], and they came over about the same time, they emmigrated before 1850. Mary Curran's dob would be 1835.