Friday, April 22, 2011

Curran Marriages and a Baptism

These are from an Irish records site. These records are not old enough to include any ancestors, but they might certainly be related, as these are Cahirciveen Currans:

Kerry Marriage Records, Cahirciveen

Jeremiah Curran m. Catherine Garvey, 10 Feb. 1881
Fathers: Jeremiah Curran, William Garvey (from Kimego)
Witnesses: Denis Garvey, John Clifford.

John Curran m. Mary Sullivan, 2 Mar. 1889
Fathers: Finanean Sullivan (from Meelagoleen)
Witnesses: Daniel Connor, Finan Sullivan

John Curran m. Ellen Sullivan, 16 Jan. 1891
Fathers: Patrick Curran, Mortimer Moriarty
Witness: Daniel Clifford

Eugene O'Sullivan m. Bridget Curran, 31 July 1897
Fathers: Eugene O'Sullivan (from Filemore, John Curran
Witness: Daniel O'Sullivan

Baptised: Michael Curran, on 18 April 1877
Father: Denis Curran
Mother: Honora Lucey
DOB: 17 April 1877
Sponsors: John Curran, Mary Curran

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