Monday, November 14, 2011

James McCue X 2

There are 7 men listed as "head of household" in the 1871 Canadian Census.

In my post of September 1, 2011, I listed information from the 1871 Canadian Census pages 18 and 19 of the enumeration for Melancthon Township. There is a different James McCue listed on page 48 of the enumeration for Melanchthon Township:
James McCue
Sex: Male
Age: 53
Place of Birth: IRELAND
Religion: Roman Catholic
Origin: IRISH
Occupation: FARMER
District: GREY SOUTH (036)
Sub-district: Melancthon (D)
Page: 48
Microfilm reel number: C-9951
Reference: RG31 — Statistics Canada

I believe it is this James McCue, born circa 1818, that is married to Sabina, and is Hanora "Annie" McCue's father.

I do believe the two men are related in some way, but in what way remains to be discovered. I've been corresponding with a woman who is a great grand-daughter of James of the 9/1/11 post, and it will be fun unraveling what our relationship is.

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