Friday, April 6, 2012

1940 Census -- Hefenieder

Because I was fairly sure where the Hefenieders lived in 1940, I searched the newly-issued 1940 Census for them.  I was surprised to find so many peopoe in the house!  In addition to my grandparents, dad, and an uncles' family, I also found my aunt and her family!  I don'tknow if they were living there, or just happened to be visiting on census day.

Hefenieder, Adam, head, 65
Hefenieder, Anna, wife, 54
Hefenieder, Adam Jr., son, 24
Hefenieder, George, son, 31
Hefenieder, Amelia, daughter in law, 27
Hefenieder, Vivian, granddaughter, 5
Hefenieder, Carol, granddaughter, 3
Hefenieder, Ether, granddaughter, 1


Knowles, Roy, head, 46
Knowles, Marie, wife, 34
Knowles, Carol Jean, daughter, 17
Knowles, ? Henry, son, 14
Knowles, Phyllis Jane, 14
Knowles, Kenneth Lloyd, 13
Knowles, Joanna Marie, 4

I grew up in this house, and it was tight with four kids.  I can't imagine having 15 people there.

Grandpa was on line 29, which called for supplementary questions, but someone else was asked those questions.   I suppose because Grandpa's English was poor.

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