Friday, August 10, 2012

Gravestones, part 1

Headstone for Nicolaus and Josephina Heisler
St. Martin, MN
The Catholic cemetery in St. Martin, MN is behind the church.  There is a grave finder posted at the gate, which was very fortunate, since this stone is mostly illegible.   I took a rubbing, and it is no help; the stone is old and broken.

On the left is Nicolaus; Josephina in on the right.  She is also called Sophia in many documents, so Josephine may be her baptismal name, and Sophia the name she used.  You can make out her maiden name "Rubly" just above the date of her birth, 1805, and the date of her death, Dec. 10, 1869.

Likewise, Nicolaus was born in 1805.  He died much later, in   .  It does not appear he remarried after Josephina's death.

Next to this stone is the marker for the Loosbroek's, Margaretha and Henry.  Margaretha was a daughter of Nicolaus and Josephina.

Margaretha Loosbroek, nee Heisler
 Margaretha was born on April 13, 1844.  The information I have says she was born in Pennsylvania.

She died on January 19, 1898.

I made a rubbing of her stone so I can add the epitaph when I translate it. 

Henry Loosbroek

Henry Loosbroek's stone.  Born February 13, 1838; died Sept. 24, 1921.

"O God, give me eternal rest."

I don't know anything about Henry -- or Margaretha, for that matter.  I don't know if they had any children, but it looks as if Henry, like Nicolaus, did not remarry after his wife's death.

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