Sunday, October 2, 2011

Jailbirds in the Family Tree?

Probably everyone has some. I found some possible relatives on a list of compiled Ontario jail records. More research is needed to find if they're relatives:

Curran, Darby; age 35; Owen Sound Jail, 1859 [Owen Sound was the county seat of Grey County, described as "a lively port on Georgian Bay)
Curran, Felix; age 23; Brockville Jail, 1848 [Leeds County]
Curran, Mary; age 20; York-Peel Jail, 1855 [Toronto]

McCue, Michael; age 75 [hope this is a typo!]; Home District Jail, 1842 [in Toronto, included prisoners from Simcoe County]
McCue, Peter; age 24; Cobourg Jail, 1852

My recollection is that the dob for Darby is about right, i.e., 1824. If Felix is a relative of Darby's [perhaps a brother, dob ~ 1825], and they came over about the same time, they emmigrated before 1850. Mary Curran's dob would be 1835.

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